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Investment Management

OTUS Management is a part of Northern Horizon Group, which is an experienced investment manager focusing on specialized real asset investment strategies in Northern Europe. Currently Northern Horizon Group manages six real estate funds and numerous separate accounts for its institutional investor clients.

Our investment teams are based in our offices in Berlin, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius and St. Petersburg.

As investment managers, we create value by recognising unique opportunities early and executing niche strategies by offering experience insight and vertical depth to our management services. By integrating fund, asset and property management, and leveraging our extensive capital markets network, we aim to deliver an attractive, diversified investment return.

Diversification through innovation

Our approach to real asset investments is highly selective, valuing innovative opportunities over traditional targets. In Germany we have a clear strategic focus and are very selective in our investment strategy

Northern Horizon’s approach has built a solid track record of successful investments spanning more than ten years.

Risk management through experience and presence

Focusing on specific locations and asset classes allows us to be among the best in our business. It also helps us actively manage risks through our experienced team and local presence.

Northern Horizon Group and OTUS employs a wide range of specialists from the financial, legal and technical fields making us capable of handling a wide range of asset management challenges. Our track record includes anything from forward funding, club deals, optimised financing structures, extensive re-financing to large-scale refurbishment projects.

A key part of our philosophy is also to be present where the investments are being made. By being close to the market, we gain access to off-market opportunities and tenant insights which allow us to optimize our strategy and effectively manage risks on a daily basis.